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X-citing Worship Ministries

Our aim is to create an atmosphere in which people encounter God's presence and power in unexpected ways (X Factor).
Producing a hospitable, relevant, passionate and Christ centered praise experience for people of all ages.

Worship Ministries

Our mission as the worship ministry at St. James United Methodist Church is to partner with the pastors and other ministries to create an atmosphere where congregants can have an exciting worship experience in order to connect people with God. Our primary purpose is to strive for excellence when giving God the glory, honor and praise that He deserves through worship.

Praising Grace – This ministry offers a liturgical style of praise dance that incorporates flags and banners. This ministry welcomes all ages and both men and women.

Silent Praise – This ministry offers a miming style of praise dance. It also welcomes all ages and both men and women

Ushers - This ministry is comprised of spiritual ambassadors for the local. The usher serves as a “first representative” of Jesus Christ for a worship service.

Altar Guild - This ministry also operate as a support to the overall worship experience. This body of believers gathers to aide in the Sacrament of Holy Communion and Baptisms.

Acolytes - This ministry is for children under the age of 12. Acolytes assist the Pastors in worship to ensure that exciting worship can happen. They process in the light of Christ as well lead children in giving.

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Music Ministries

The Ministry of Music provides music for church. We are choir ministers called, committed, and dedicated in ministering to the people of God in song. Excepting the direction of God and giving Him the ultimate sacrifice of praise during the worship experience. It is our prayer to inspire the church for the spoken word from our Pastor.
Sanctuary Choir – a blended body of believers that minister through a mixture of traditional and contemporary songs on the 1st Sunday of each month.

Master’s Men – a male infused choir centered on praising God.

Sacred Fire – a blended body of believers ranging in age from 18 to 35 who minister through a mainly contemporary context.

21st Century Choir – This choir represents the heart of youth as young people between the ages of 12 & 18 participate in this body of believers to lift up song and praise to God with their own unique flare.

Mustard Seeds – the children’s choir that offers all under the age of 12 an opportunity to sing about God and Jesus Christ.

Audio / Visual Ministry

This ministry operates as a support to the overall worship experience. They ensure that Pastors & the choir are able to communicate clearly to the congregation. They ensure the musicians are able to hear and work together with one another. They also allow for images, videos, and words to be displayed during the worship celebration. In addition, their work allows us to broadcast live over the internet as well as assuring that we can offer both audio and video replications of the worship experience to congregants.

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Coordinator (8:00 a.m.) – Angela Baker 

Coordinator (11:00 a.m.) – Rise Cockerm 

Altar Guild
Coordinator - Rachelle Hyder 

Masters Men Choir
President - Royce Turner 

Mustard Seed Choir
Director - Dana Abram 

Praise Team
Coordinator - Deborah Davis 

Praising Grace Dance Ministry
Coordinator – Kimberlyn Jones

One Voice Choir
President - Bryan Roberson 

Usher Boards
Adult Ushers
President - Mary Williams 

Youth Ushers
Coordinator - Connie Frazier 

Little Vessel Ushers
Coordinator - Brenda Sylvan 

Worship Committee
Chairperson - Alaina Brooks